JSQLDataSource embedded an Connection pool, but don't worry any daemon thread running at backend and Connection keep alive, everything in Connection Pool will be faded.

New instance

JSQLDataSource datasource = new JSQLDataSource("jdbc:h2:tcp://;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE", "your_name", "your_password");

Properties props = new Properties();
props.setProperty("url", "jdbc:mariadb://");
props.setProperty("loginTimeout", "10");
props.setProperty("username", "jsql"); // will be overridden by driver.user
props.setProperty("driver.user", "your_name");
props.setProperty("driver.password", "your_password");

JSQLDataSource datasource = new JSQLDataSource(props);

Please use Properties.setProperty rather than Properties.put


property name comment mandatory default
url connection url Y
username connection username, this is not necessary for memory DB, e.g. derby or sqlite N
password connection password, this is not necessary for memory DB, e.g. derby or sqlite N
driverClass jdbc Driver class name N detected by url
dialect your customized Dialect class name N detected by url
loginTimeout seconds of connection timeout creation N 5 seconds
pool.maxPoolSize max connection pool size N 20
pool.idleTimeout milliseconds of object idle timeout N 30 minutes
pool.scheduledThreadLifeTime idle schedule thread's life time in milliseconds N 5 minutes
pool.pollTimeout milliseconds of borrowing a object timeout N 5 seconds
pool.validateOnBorrow validate on borrowing an object from pool N true
pool.validateOnReturn validate on returning an object to pool N false
pool.createRetryCount retry to create pool object if exception occur N 0
driver.user prior to username N
driver.password prior to password N


  • pool.* configuration please checkout Connection Pool
  • driver.* configuration depend on Database Driver implementation, e.g. using proxy socket factory for creating MariaDB Connection by following configuration driver.socketFactory=custom.proxy.Socks5SocketFactory

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